Job Opportunities for UPSC Aspirants

The life of a civil services aspirant isn’t ordinary. Yes, those who crack the exam and become IAS or IPS officers live a full of power and the ability to make a difference to various policies of the government. Some become IFS officers and represent Indian interest internationally. But many miss out on these opportunities even though they prove their abilities by qualifying for the UPSC CSE interviews. They learn the fundamentals of UPSC CSE at one of the All IndiaCivil Service coaching center Chennai. They enhance their skills optimally, but they still don’t make it. Hence, their journey deserves not only valuable recognition but also deserved rewards.

The services

When someone starts preparing for UPSC CSE, they tend to restrict their choices to All India Services such as IAS and IPS. Others are focused on Central Civil Services such as IFS and IRS. However, UPSC CSE is meant for recruitment in a large number of Group-A and Group-B services. Your rank in the final merit list determines the services which will be allocated to you. In any case, it will always be a good idea to find out about other civil services which you can join after qualifying successfully for the UPSC final recommendation list.

Union territories

Different states in India recruit state civil servants by conducting state PCS exams. So, what happens to the Union Territories? Well, the group-B civil servants of all union territories are also recruited by the UPSC CSE.

Railway services

Many of you may not know that some of the most vital and prestigious posts in Indian Railways are also filled by candidates recommended for selection by UPSC CSE. So, if you make it to the final merit list of UPSC CSE, then you also have the option of joining Indian Railways Traffic Service (IRTS).


Suppose you start preparing for the civil services examination with all your resources. You join a top IAS coaching in Chennai and start giving it your best shot. You spend valuable years of your life trying to break in, but you miss out by a few marks. Is this a fair situation? You are no less worthy than those who go on to become IAS and IFS officers. What do you have to show for your efforts? In a practical perspective, you haven’t achieved anything. You have become far more knowledgeable than before, but your materialistic achievements are negligible.

This is the situation that UPSC remedied in 2018. Candidates who qualify for the interview stage can seek employment in various capacities in Ministries of GOI and some PSUs. It is expected that other organizations will also come forward and hire suitable candidates who qualify for the interview stage of UPSC CSE. 

Leading by example

ONGC one of the prominent PSUs recruited HR Managers and Administrators with vacancies designed specifically for UPSC CSE interviewees. So, the situation for such candidates already seems to have improved. However, this should be treated as one of the first steps in significant changes to follow. It is highly likely that many other PSUs and perhaps Public Sector Banks will step ahead and use the services of these bright minds to brighten their respective organizations. 

Stress comes to the forefront

The rigors of UPSC CSE are enough to put the best minds to the test. The incredible pressure and the substantially low selection percentage adds on to the existing tension. Many candidates fail to handle the situation. Some of them give up their dreams prematurely and seek other opportunities. Some others do the unthinkable.


It is common for UPSC CSE aspirants to become mentors to other aspirants. Some of them make it their profession in later years. You might have heard about serving IAS and IPS officers who resigned to become full-time guides to civil services aspirants in leading coaching centers. 

The point is that if a civil services aspirant has all the expected qualities, then many career opportunities open up for them. Being aware of these changes can ensure that you don’t get too stressed about your preparation. UPSC CSE might be the mother of all exams, but it is still a competitive exam! And this is how you need to start treating it.