Reach Good Quality of Character Building

At the theoretical level, character building is promising in terms of answering educational problems. But at the level of practice, bias often happens. As an effort, character education should be a program who gives certain achievements that can be measure. If you are trying to find a school with a good character-building curriculum, Brighton College is the best choice you can get. Visit the website at

Measurement means there must be an instrument to gauge. if measurement to know whether someone understands math or not can be seen from its score during test, how to measure whether someone has a good character or not?

The way of measuring good character can not be proved only from doing a test. Let’s see this question, if you meet someone lost the middle of the road and do not have money to continue the journey, what will you do?

To get a good score, the answer is to help the person, either giving money or taking him to his destination. But in real life, if this thing happened, would student able to do an action which portrayed their answer in the test? How to measure a character? The answer is observation with a certain standard as the tool.

For example, observing a student in class during a certain lesson, surely the student does not know when he is being observed. Well, we can determine the indicator if he has good behavior when the teacher explains, consider listening carefully, not making noise and having complete notes. It seems easy, right?

Forming students with character is not easy and can not be done at one day. It requires continuous efforts and deep reflection to create a series of Moral Choices that can be followed with concrete action, so the student can reflect and follow it.

It takes a certain amount of time to make these habits and form a person’s character.

Launching of character building is certainly intended to be one of the answers to various national problems in our society because we know that many problems arise identified as failure of education in creating moral values ​​on their students.

Have character building in school is appropriate since the purpose of education is not only to give birth to intelligent people but also to create people with strong characters.

Many things can be done to reach good character building in schools, one of them is choosing the best schools such as Brighton College.

Start from learning, obey school rules, and enforce them in a disciplined manner. Schools must make character education a value order that develops well in schools manifested in examples displayed by teachers in daily activities at school.

On the other hand, character education is an effort that must involve all stakeholders in education, both the family, the school environment and also the wider community.