Strategic steps to enter the University

At the end of high school, usually many students in Bangkok began to think about going to college. For those who are already planning to go to college, every effort will be made to reach their goal. But in an effort to achieve this goal, prospective students are often faced with a variety of confusing questions, for example such as:

1. What course do I major in?
2. What are the good universities in Bangkok?
3. What are the admissions pathways for students in Bangkok?
4. What is the best way to enter University A through the selection path?
and many other questions that are usually confusing for prospective students. It is not uncommon for many university selection participants to fail, simply because of lack of information.

Okay in this article, I specifically discuss the University Preparation Bangkok and all the stages or strategic steps to enter the university. In general, I divide into 3 steps:

  • 1 Decide your interests
  • 2 Choose a university that supports your major
  • 3 Find out which universities offer majors that you choose

By implementing the 3 steps that I discuss here, I hope you will have more mature planning and strategy to optimize your opportunities for going to college.

Determine the knowledge you want

Decide your interests

This is a very important first step. if the first step is wrong, it will fall apart in the next step. There are some common mistakes made by prospective students. Most students cannot Decide what interests them.

So the first thing you have to do is decide what your interests are. If you have found and are sure, then look for as much information as possible on the internet, to see which school is right.

For example, you can visit because a lot of information you need to decide what is the best for you.

Define several Study Programs that support your chosen field of study

Choose a university that supports your major

Many prospective students do not know yet what majors they want, and immediately look for universities first. Please do not reverse the first step and the second step. The truth is that after you decide on the majors that you want, then the next step is to decide which university will be your place to pursue that major.

Find out which universities offer majors that you choose

After you decide on a major, then you try to find out which university offers this major.
Search Google “the best faculty (for example Information Technology) in Bangkok”, so you can see some things that interest you.