Tips for choosing clothes to look slim and attractive

Fashion can be one trick to give the illusion of the body to make it look more attractive. Usually, how to dress simply can give the illusion of a slimmer and taller body. However, the choice of clothes needs to be considered so that the style still looks stylish. So, so you don’t get it wrong, consider the following tips for choosing clothes to make it look slim. 

1. Choose the right material 

The choice of clothing material needs to be considered. To give the effect of a slimmer and taller body, avoid choosing clothes that are too thick. However, choose a material that is slightly thinner and looks more comfortable, like cotton or a t-shirt. you can use a tummy control bodysuit

2. Use high heels when wearing skinny jeans 

Clothing style tricks to give a high effect is to wear heels. Well, you can combine heels with skinny jeans to give a slimmer body effect. This is one of the inspirations for OOTD skinny jeans and heels that you can cheat. 

3. Use a dress or one color suit 

Color selection can also affect the fashion style we use. The next tip to give a slimmer body effect is to wear a one-color dress or suit. For example, the style of a black motif skirt combined with a matching black top. You can choose dark colors to give a more elegant and stylish impression. 

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4. Choose a shirt with a V-style collar 

A shirt with a V collar can give a more leveled body effect. This dress model will reveal your neck so that your body will look taller and slimmer. 

5. High waist pants and skirts 

The bottom of the high waist model can not only cover the stomach and provide a slimmer effect, but can also make you look taller. However, for a skirt model, choose a slit so that your legs look more level. 

6. Avoid clothes with horizontal stripes 

If you like striped clothes, you should avoid horizontal stripes because they can give the effect of a fatter body. However, choose a vertical stripe pattern that will make your body look slimmer and longer. 

7. Choose an asymmetrical dress and skirt 

To appear more elegant, dresses and skirts can be an option for you. However, choose dresses and skirts with asymmetrical models, which can give the effect of longer legs. This is one inspiration to mix and match an asymmetrical dress with a statement belt to give the illusion of a slimmer body. 

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