Tips for Finding the Best School for Children

Starting from elementary school, junior high school, until high school. Of course, all parents also want the best education for their children. If necessary, as high as possible to obtain a bachelor’s degree. Schooling children is a long-term investment that is worth fighting for.

Because it cannot be denied, the quality of education has a considerable influence on the development of one’s character and skills in the future. Therefore, do not carelessly choose a school. The Secondary School Bangkok is one of the best secondary school to choose for your children.

The following considerations need to be considered ahead of this new school year:

Type of school

There are many choices of types of schools. Start looking for complete information regarding the types of schools. Customize also with the interests and character of children. For example, for children who are active and happy to explore, of course, channeling this interest to nature schools. If children are happy, learning activities are also easier to participate.

Facilities and environment

Then regarding the facilities and the surrounding environment. Is it enough to support the learning process as well as socializing that is fun for children?

The intended facility is not just air-conditioned classrooms, you know. But it also covers the cleanliness of toilets, the atmosphere where students eat, and their playgrounds.

For the environment, as much as possible far from the impression of slums in order to maintain the health of children. The security system must also be extra because it involves the security and safety of children as long as they are not accompanied by parents.

School curriculum

Find out what curriculum your chosen school adopts for children. Some schools have more instilled religious values, both in practice or in theory. For international schools to be different again, they tend to apply the curriculum adopted from other countries with an introduction to English.


When looking for a school for children, the considerations are not only good or bad quality. But also whether the school can be a comfortable place for children.

Distance is one part of this convenience. Especially for children of kindergarten and elementary school age. Poor if the school is too far from home.

Automatically, he must wake up earlier to arrive on time, maybe not even have time for breakfast. As a result, physical condition is disrupted and enthusiasm for learning is lost.

School track record

This consideration is very important, especially for children who want to enter junior high school. See what achievements the school has achieved, whether academically or non-academically.

These achievements will be a good influence on children so that later they are encouraged to do the same. Try to avoid schools with bad records such as violence or harassment.

Pay attention to the teaching staff

Teachers are like substitute parents for children in school. You need to assess whether the teacher is cooperative enough and can work with you as a parent of students.

Not just sharing knowledge, good teachers are also able to communicate the developments and obstacles that may be faced by children

The teacher-child relationship should be warm and sincere, not controlling and commanding. To find out how competent they are, ask the school directly

School fees

Admittedly, children’s school fees are now very expensive. That has not been added to other expenses such as annual activity costs, book costs, food costs, uniform costs, extracurricular costs, and shuttle fees

After knowing all the cost components required for children’s schooling, the next step is to match your financial capabilities.

In choosing the best school, always involve children in the selection of this school. Because however, the child will live it for years.

Gather all accurate information from the start. Calculate and plan well, so you can send them to college later.